Rebrand - [WHITE PAPER COVER] A Financial Model for Online Programs (higher ed)

A Financial Model for Online Programs: Revenue Sharing vs. Fee-for-Service

For a higher learning institution, the decision to venture into online program development immediately generates a torrent of questions, the answers to which are key to project success. 

Here's what you'll learn in this white paper:

One of the most important – and most complex – decisions is with whom to partner and how the financial side of the partnership will work.

There are two partnership models currently in use, the revenue sharing model and the fee-for-service model.

Download the white paper to discover:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of each model
  • Which model is best suited for your institution
  • Considerations for choosing a platform
  • How you can receive a custom tailored financial model for your institution incorporating over 30 parameters

Who is this white paper is for:

Colleges and universities looking to offer unique and engaging learning experiences.


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